As of January the 1st 2015 new EU VAT rules have being introduced which will affect customers in the EU who purchase digital (downloadable) products from another Country. The rate of VAT charged is at that of the customers country. Note the rules only apply to BUSINESS TO CUSTOMER and not BUSINESS TO BUSINESS. If you are a business purchasing from us you can add your VAT number at checkout and you will not be charged VAT.


If you are a customer from Germany and wish to purchase a template from us you will now be charged €19:00 + 19% VAT (your countries rate of Tax).

These VAT rules were introduced to take more VAT from online giants such as Amazon, Facebook etc. But as a result smaller businesses also have to now take the hit (increased administration costs, software updates, time etc). We have updated our Checkout to take these new rules into consideration when you are making a purchase and to be compliant with the changes required.

Should you have any queries regarding these new VAT rules please contact us at