Template Parameters


* Our most customisable template to date comes with many new additional styling options which give you even more control over the design of your site. Listed below are the many new template parameter options.  To see all template parameter options please click on the thumbnails to your left.

  • Template Width Control - You decide the width of your template!
  • Background Image Uploader.  This allows you to use a fullscreen background image on your site.
  • Control the background color and opacity of the slideshow, splash header and base modules containers.  Allows you to create some beautiful styles by allowing the background image to be slightly visible in these areas.
  • Toggle container background transparency on/off on Top modules, Bottom modules and main content area. Allows the background to be visible in these containers and give  your site that cool look it deserves. Check out an example of this in the Template Features >> Background in the Top menu.
  • Option to apply opacity to your slideshow images - This can create a nice effect where your images are slightly transparent.  See the frontpage of the demo for example.
  • Scroll to Top button - Fades in on bottom right and allows for quick return to top of page.
  • Sticky Header - Your menu will always be visible on the top of the page.  This allows for easy navigation.
  • Sticky Social and Search - Stickys under Header and allows for social icons and search to be always visible.
  • Splash Header - This is a new module position above the header.   Use it to display a messsage using a custom html module as in the demo.
  • Social icons include - RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Dribbel, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Skype, Linkdln, Vimeo, Yahoo, Tumblr, Deviant, Delicious.
  • Responsive Design - adapts to all mobile devices.
  • Multiple Color Choosers - Allows more color styling possibilites to create the site you want.


* Demo Installers Included

  • Joomla 3.1 demo installer
  • Joomla 2.5.11 demo installer

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All content and images used in this demo are for demonstration purposes only. 

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