Gazzine comes with some cool new features and parameters to allow you more control to build a beautiful website. New Features include the following.

  • Transparent Header:  The header darkens as you scroll allowing it to hide content as it passes underneath.  This adds a nice effect and makes your header stand out with a difference.
  • Fixed Header: The header is fixed at the top of your screen always allowing the user access to the top menu.  This allows for ease of navigation and cuts out on having to have numerous menu items in the side columns.
  • Hornav menu Styling: You now have full control over the following. Hornav menubar color, link color, link hover color, link background hover color, dropdown color, dropdown link color, dropdown link hover color.
  • Search box: Simply adjust the color of the search box from within the search parameters.
  • Scroll To Top button: A simple button that allows the user to quickly scroll to the top of the site.
  • Slideshow (full width or boxed layout):  Gazzine now has an option in the template parameters to allow you to have the slideshow fill out to the width of the users screen or simply fit to the width of the template wrapper.  This makes the template more customisable allowing you to create numerous different looks.
  • More Controls in Bottom Modules Block:  You now have full control over the bottom block to style it anyway you want.  You have color choosers for all of the following. Container color, text color, link color, link hover color, module head color, module head text color, menu link color, menu link hover color.  You can now upload a background image to fill the container. See the demo for example (see the night skyline image near the bottom). Menu module head can have a trasparent background or a solid color.

* To see all the available template parameters to control your design check out the install guide here - Gazzine Joomla Template Install Guide >>

bottom modules splash


To see Gazzines responsive layout work simply resize your browser window and watch the magic happen! Read all about the responsive design options here Read More>>

Demo Content

All content and images used in this demo are for demonstration purposes only. 

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