Capture your audience with a new look for your joomla website. Creative offers you an abundance of features to make your new joomla website stand out from the competition. New features include css animation classes which can be applied to any element (menu items, paragraphs, modules, images etc) plus the amazing font awesome library. Font Awesome gives you access to over 360 icons which you can place anywhere on your website. There is also 5 preset colored background patterns to choose from or else simply upload and use your own background image.

Font Awesome Icons and Styling

Background Patterns

  • Creative comes with 5 textured preset background patterns.

Animations effects

  • Add some cool animation effects to elements within your site. In our demo you will see how certain containers slide in and out of the view port on scroll. For full explanation and examples please see the Animation Classes menu item under the features menu item in the top menu.

Creative also gives you complete color control over every element of the design. Each wrapper (Header, Slideshow, Menus, Top modules, bottom modules, base modules, main container, footer copyright) comes with a complete set of template parameters to allow you to control text and link colors wrapper color, wrapper opacity and much more.

Check out some examples of styles created by clicking on example styling in the top navigation. All looks are achieved in a few minutes by simply changing a few template parameters to achieve the look you want for your joomla website.

See the template install guide here which shows you exactly how much control you have over your design. Install Guide>>

Styling options

Screen Shots of the many new features included!