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Epiphany brings you a modern new look for your joomla website. A new feature of this design is the ability to have a fullscreen header displayed on any page you wish. The fullscreen header will display your Logo, Social Icons and a custom module at the bottom of the users screen on the desktop.

Logo and Menu links are positioned at the top on responsive views. When you have the fullscreen header enabled the background image you set in the global settings is displayed. If no image is in the body then the body background color is shown. This can also produce a nice effect where a plain color fills the screen.

You have endless styling possibilities with Epiphany allowing you to create numerous types of website layouts and designs. Is it time to build something beautiful with Epiphany!



Lots of styling options

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Build something beautiful today with Epiphany Joomla Template. Endless styling options let you create the site you want.



Stand Out from the Crowd

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Suitable for Business and Personal websites, Epiphany will let your new website stand out from the crowd.



responsive design options

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With its responsive layout and many features Epiphany puts control in your hands.