In order to proceed with this tutorial you will need one of the following.

- Access to your Hosting account Cpanel >> File Manager
- FTP access to your Hosting account

Steps Involved - How to replace favicon in Joomla Template

1: On your Hosting account you will need to locate the folder where you have Joomla installed.
A: If you have Joomla installed at www.example.com then your joomla installation will be in the root of the PUBLIC_HTML folder.
B: If you have Joomla installed at www.example.com/mywebsite then your joomla installation will be in the PUBLIC_HTML/mywebsite folder.
Now you should be in the correct folder where Joomla is installed.

2: Open the folder where the template you are using is located.
Inside this folder you will see the favicon.ico file.
Simply replace the file with your new favicon.ico

3: Open a new browser window and access your website to see the new favicon displayed. If you are still seeing the old favicon you will need to clear your browsers cache by doing of the following. Press CTRL-R or Press F5.

Top 3 Favicon Generators

The following tools will generate a favicon from any image format.


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