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Please Read First before installing Moments Joomla Template.

Note: When you have downloaded your purchased template DO not try and install the zip file directly into Joomla as it will not work. You will receive the following error "JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file"
First you must unzip the file you downloaded from In this example I will use a file name called
When the file is unzipped you will see a folder with the same name as the zip Example: file. Open the folder and you will see a file called installguide.pdf. Click the link in this file to access the Template Setup Guide.

Demo install

Note: If you want to install the template as it is in our demo please follow the instructions in the Quickstart-Demo-Installation.pdf located in the Template Demo Installer folder. Note: Demo installs are only available for the joomla version that existed at the time the template was developed. This is a full Joomla installation which requires you to have a database already created on your web server. The demo installer will have blank images in place of images in the demo. This is because the images used in the demo are licenced to and not for resale. You can purchase suitable images for your website from or download free images from

Moments Template Install ( installing your Template on an existing Joomla Installation)

1: Go to your Joomla Administrator Login page enter your Login details and click Login.
2: Select Extensions >> Extensions Manager option from the Extensions menu.
3: Click browse and select the Joomla Template you wish to install from the Joomla 3.0 template files folder in your downloaded unzipped folder.
4: Click Upload and then Click Install button to complete the installation.
5: You should see a information bar displaying (Install Template Success) if installation was successful.

Moments Template Parameters Setup

Now that you have your new template from installed lets take a look at how Easy it is to configure using the template parameters.

A: Login to your Joomla Administration. To access the Template Parameters goto Extensions >> Template Manager.

B: You will see 2 links one for Templates and one for Styles at the top left of your screen. Click on the Styles link to show all the Current Template Styles in your Joomla installation.

C: From the list of styles click on the one that refers to the name of the Joomla Template you installed. Example joomlage0000-mytemplate. You should now see something similar to the image below.

D: Click on a tab to open it and start styling your joomla template. Under each Tab is detailed instructions and links to examples on how to setup your template styling.


Time to Save Parameter Changes

For Joomla 3.0 users Scroll to the Top of your Joomla Administration page and follow the instructions in the image below.


Image Hover/Link Effects

See Image Hover examples here


See Jumbotron example here

Moments Modules Setup

A: In your Joomla Administrator goto Extensions >> Extensions Manager >> Install
B: Select the module file from the following directory (Joomla 3.0 Template files/modules) extracted from your download.
C: Click install. You should see a notice stating successful install.
D: Now goto Extensions >> Module Manager and select the Module you just installed and place it in a module position of your choice and set ENABLED to YES. To see all module positions available please click on the module positions link in the template demo at and click on the module positions menu item under the features menu item.

E: NB. For the slideshow module place it in position SHOWCASE and set SHOW TITLE to NO. See example below.


Time to Save Module Changes

Scroll to the Top of your Joomla Administration page and follow the instructions in the image below.


Your Template Slideshow and other modules should now be successfully installed. Should you have any queries with regards to your installation please see our support forum at Support Forum >>


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